DM Intelligence Raises Approximately ¥10 Million CNY ($1.5M USD) in Angel Round for Advance AI + Drug Discovery

April 19, 2021

On April 19th, DM Intelligence Ltd., a Chinese startup that focuses on AI [artificial intelligence] research, innovations, and applications, closed an angel financing round with Guangzhou Nanshan Venture Capital Fund as investor. DM Intelligence will use the proceeds to upgrade its AI Drug Discovery Platform and advance its Drug R&D Pipelines, continuing its strive for breakthroughs in the future of drug discovery.

“As a group combined with biologists, chemists, computer scientists, algorithm scientists and pharmacists, with several individuals having a drug R&D experience of over 30 years, we have deep understanding of diseases, pathogenesis, targets, and drugs.

We bring propriety AI technologies to the table to increase the accuracy rate in drug discovery—up to 74 percent at the moment. Now, we focus on three categories: cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and infective diseases.

The company’s Artificial Intelligence Drug Discovery Platform (AI-DDP) has shown impressive potential. It allows us to achieve novel hits and carry out in-vitro validation within 3 months. All of these active compounds overcome the patent barrier. The successful pipeline within DM Intelligence consists of over 15 projects spanning across early-stage drug discovery – from target identification and validation, through assay development, screening and hit-to-lead, to lead optimization.”

– Xie Weidong, CEO, DM Intelligence

“It is worth mentioning that the Guangzhou Nanshan Venture Capital Fund, as the investor of this round, is a scientific commercialization fund, led by the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) academician Zhong Nanshan, and jointly established by Guangdong Provincial Nanshan Institute of Medical Innovation and several other institutions.

It is no doubt that AI technologies help improve the productivity across industries. As of the pharma sector, this game-changing technology could make drug discovery much cheaper, faster and more accurate than traditional drug discovery.

Powerful computing is an integral part of AI+ drug, and drug R&D experience is most needed to build AI models. Dr. XIE, the founder of DM Intelligence, graduated from Imperial College London, with 30-odd years of drug R&D in universities, institutions, top pharmaceutical companies, and foreign investment organizations. His profound, original, and serious insights into drug R&D play an essential role on AI-DDP.”

– Chen Weiyu, Fund Manager, Guangzhou Nanshan Venture Capital Fund

About DM Intelligence

DM Intelligence is an AI drug discovery company that built AI solutions for small molecule drugs with specific high-affinity. DM Intelligence also has a global vision: To concentrate on clinical demands and drug values, strive for differentiated pipelines, and develop drugs for patients around the world. Our proprietary platform, Artificial Intelligence Drug Discovery Platform (AI-DDP), integrates artificial intelligence technologies into the medical field to provide better service to pharmaceuticals companies, academic centers & institutes, and biotech companies.

AI-DDP allow us to optimize leads with specific desired properties as well as design small molecules that targets a specific site or receptor. Our platform has extensive capabilities of analyzing and predicting physicochemical properties, biological and toxicological activities of candidate drugs based on their structures. With all these techniques, we strive for breakthroughs in the future of drug discovery and research.

About Guangzhou Nanshan Venture Capital Fund

Guangzhou Nanshan Venture Capital Fund under the leadership of Zhong Nanshan, the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) academician, is a scientific commercialization fund, with Guangdong Provincial Nanshan Institute of Medical Innovation as its lead agency, Nest Investment Management Co., Ltd. as its investment manager, Guangzhou Takson Group Co.,Ltd. as its corner stone investor, and Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao Greater Bay Area Science and Technology Innovation Service Center as its investment and policy consultant. The main areas of funding are biomedical research in various organizations which have leading edge of technology, such as scientific institutions, new R&D facilities, and colleges. Under the “Enterprises + Technologies + Capital” pattern, the project aims at integrating tech transfer with capital connection, facilitating perfect alignment in supply and demand, and speeding up the application of innovations - creating synergy through the joint efforts of enterprises, universities, and research institutes.