DM intelligence to attend 2021 AACR annual meeting

April 13, 2021

Guangzhou DM intelligence Ltd., a company focusing on artificial intelligence screening new drugs, announced its progress in AI new drug platform and R&D projects at the 2021 annual meeting of American Association for cancer research (AACR) in the form of abstract and poster. The AACR annual meeting will be held online from April 10 to 15 and may 17 to 21, 2021 est.

The information released by the project is as follows:

Title: Artificial Intelligence Accelerate Drug Discovery

Abstract No.: 278

Poster link:

Title of the branch: Chemoinformatics, in Silico Screening, and Computational Methods

About DM intelligence

DM intelligence has a global vision, focusing on clinical needs, focusing on the value of drugs, committed to differential research and development, to bring real innovative drugs to patients around the world. Based on a large number of diversified databases, the multi-dimensional pharmacochemical properties of compounds were predicted by combining AI high-throughput virtual screening with optimized artificial intelligence technologies such as convolution neural network, deep learning, reinforcement learning, generation of confrontation, big data, knowledge map, etc., so as to automatically generate active compounds with stronger binding force to the target, more novel skeleton and better drug performance. At present, smart Pharma has made progress in a number of areas where treatment and patient needs are not met, especially in Parkinson's disease, cancer and anti infection, and has provided efficient differentiated solutions for cooperative pharmaceutical companies.