DM Intelligence: Win win cooperation to promote the research and development of artificial intelligence innovative drugs

December 19, 2020

On December 19, the 2020 artificial intelligence medical industry prospect forum sponsored by China Artificial Intelligence Society (CAAI) and undertaken by Xi'an National Civil Aerospace Industry Base Management Committee, Zhejiang Institute of future technology and medical roadshow successfully concluded in Xi'an.

The forum invited domestic outstanding artificial intelligence scientists, entrepreneurs and clinical experts to gather together to share and exchange the new progress in the field of artificial intelligence medicine in China. Dr. Xie Weidong, chairman and general manager of Guangzhou Zhirui Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "DM intelligence"), was invited to attend a guest speech on the topic of "new ideas for win-win cooperation: artificial intelligence helps research and development of innovative drugs".

(Dr. Xie Weidong attends the 2020 artificial intelligence medical industry prospect Forum)

After a brief introduction of the pain points and needs of traditional new drug research and development, Dr. Xie Weidong discussed the current cooperation in the field of new drug research and development by using AI. The drug discovery phase of innovative drugs is one of the main bottlenecks that challenge the process of new drug research and development. Dr. Xie Weidong cited the case of AI in new drug discovery: after 2018 and 2019, alphafold ranked first in the global protein structure prediction competition in 2020, beating the rest of the competitors, which was called "breakthrough progress"; foreign AI new drug company benevolent AI, screening of old drugs, new crown treatment method to obtain FDA EUA; atomwise 4 weeks successful screening of small molecules.

(Speech by Dr. Xie Weidong)

Dr. Xie Weidong proposed that DM intelligence, based on massive and diversified databases, takes optimized machine learning and deep learning algorithms as the core, takes hit, lead discovery and PCC optimization of new drugs as the objectives, and takes supercomputing as the accelerator to establish an artificial intelligence new drug creation platform with drug activity and ADMET property prediction, drug target interaction and small molecule generation as the main contents.

He stressed that compared with the traditional screening technology, the artificial intelligence platform for new drug development has obvious advantages in terms of speed, precision and breadth. For specific targets, smart Pharma only needs 3 months to deliver the emerging compounds, with an average accuracy of 50%. In the "anti epidemic war", the artificial intelligence platform for new drug creation has made outstanding achievements: (1) rapid response. In less than one week, 30 potentially effective compounds were screened out. (2) The effect is excellent. The in vitro activity test of 10 compounds (7 of which were not clinically marketed) showed significant inhibitory effect, and the IC50 value was below nm level. Among them, boceprevir, an anti new crown drug screened by the platform, and the research published in cell research by the school of medicine of South Florida Health University and the school of pharmacy of University of Arizona also proved that boceprevir can inhibit the replication of sars-cov-2 at the cell level.

(Dr. Xie Weidong and experts in the industry)

Finally, Dr. Xie Weidong concluded that DM intelligence could develop unique small molecule drug pipelines (> 8) for disease targets that have been verified and urgently need to be marketed. In the face of the situation of strong cooperation in the research and development of innovative drugs, wisdom pharmaceutical can use the platform to screen compounds and conduct new transformation of compounds according to the target points, and provide foreign cooperation and development, so as to help the majority of peers to efficiently develop potential drugs of best in class and first in class.