【China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition】place focus on AI in drug discovery

August 5, 2019

The 8th China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition (Guangzhou Division) and and 4th Guangzhou “science and technology innovation cup” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Biopharmaceutical Industry Competition was held in Kechuang Coffee, a platform for technology and financial services in Guangzhou. There are 136 competitors entered the competition.

In the theme of “massive entrepreneurship and innovation”, DM Intelligence Ltd. and other enterprises held in-depth discussions, as the competition made a clarion call for us to further advance biomedical technology-finance-industry integration, guide more intensive social resource support for making innovation and start business, promote Guangdong biopharmaceutical industry development.


Participants were categorized into two groups: start-up group and growth group competition. DM Intelligence Ltd. presented Artificial Intelligence Drug Discovery Platform and scored 83.2% in the start-up group competition. The number of startups entering the healthcare AI space has increased in resent years. The breakthroughs in AI for drug discovery will change the R&D process of BioPharma, and it will make a tremendous impact on whole biopharma industry.

DM’s proprietary platform combines advances in computer sciences, algorithm, statistics with traditional medical chemistry approaches. DM is developing therapeutic pipelines focused on producing first-in-class candidates targeting protein tyrosine phosphatases, protein tyrosine kinases, viruses and bacteria addressing major unmet medical needs in untargetable KRAS-driven cancers, solid cancer, leukemia, influenza and nosocomial infection. The platform enables faster drug development progress at lower cost and a higher success rate and better targeting of hard-to-drug indications, providing express and economic cooperation and development platform for worldwide drug R&D organizations.

Innovation is what inspires enterprise, industry and country to advance. Only continuous innovation can we follow the tide of the times. The wheels of history roll on, history looks kindly on those with resolve, with drive and ambition, and with plenty of guts; it won’t wait for the hesitant, the apathetic, or those shy of a challenge.

Starting business is the way pursuing and witness innovation, while testing intelligence and ability.