September 25, 2019

The 2019 China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference (2019 CBIIC) opened on Saturday in Suzhou.

As an annual conference to promote the communication between pharmaceutical industry and investment community, CBIIC aims to integrate the power of pharmaceutical innovation and investment around the world to build an authorized, comprehensive, professional and international high level platform where the industry leaders, experts, scholars, domestic and foreign pharmaceutical innovation enterprises and investors can learn the trend of innovation, seek high value projects and discuss new investment channels and innovative cooperation strategies.

CBIIC was established and initiated by China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association (PhIRDA) in 2016. As an annual conference to promote the communication between pharmaceutical industry and investment industry, it received high attention and praise. By the end of 2018, over 6,500 participants attended CBIIC, 25 new drugs had been made their global first clinical trial data release, more than 300 innovative projects at home and abroad had presented in the roadshows, including representatives from 1,500 pharmaceutical enterprises and 1,000 investment institutions.

2019 CBIIC was held in Suzhou from September 21-23, with over 3500 participants. Song Ruilin, Executive President of PhIRDA, and Lu Chunyun, vice mayor of Suzhou government, gave speeches. KOLs from 4 leading stock exchanges, including HKEX, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, and Shanghai Stock Exchange attended the events to assist domestic enterprises to find the cross-border financing channel, and to promote China’s capability on pharmaceutical innovation transformation.

15 special roadshows including the newly set WIT-MED +Big Data, International Oncology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) + BioMed were presented to meet diversified needs of participants. Dr. XIE Weidong, Founder & CEO of DM Intelligence Ltd. made speech on AI for drug discovery at AI+BioMed roadshow.

DM is developing therapeutic pipelines focused on producing first-in-class candidates targeting protein tyrosine phosphatases, protein tyrosine kinases, viruses and bacteria addressing major unmet medical needs in untargetable KRAS-driven cancers, solid cancer, leukemia, influenza and nosocomial infection. The platform enables faster drug development progress at lower cost and a higher success rate and better targeting of hard-to-drug indications, providing express and economic cooperation and development platform for worldwide drug R&D organizations.

The process of successful discovery and translation of new drug is exceptionally challenging. Drug discovery typically suffers from high fail rates, starting with large screening efforts and followed by hits, leads, clinical candidates, approval and marketing. Rapidly emerging AI are in an important period of strategic opportunity for development, and the prospects are bright. AI platform can leverage the increasing availability of high-quality data, in conjunction with advances in computational power, to perform complex tasks, such as analyzing chemical structure, gene data, signal pathway, processing numerous medical data sets.